The Shape & The Impulse

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The exhibition “The Shape and the Impulse” reflects on the mechanism of spontaneity as a force that produces movement, as the desire that induces sudden action.

Through a series of works, Marta Adalid shares her vision of the creative impulse, where it is understood as a blow that is born from within and is externalized through painting. The act of painting then becomes a cathartic medium.

Through drawing, people are represented in intimate situations. Thanks to a realistic technique, the human being is illustrated in an everyday context, being reduced to his most natural state.

Through painting, the notion of the body goes further. The canvas is conceived as a fictitious plane in which apparently contradictory elements can coexist. The representation of the figure as such disappears to evoke the experience of feeling.

The artist invites us to get rid of the idealized image of the body, to value it as an instrument that allows us to live our existence and share it with others.

Marta Adalid

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