The Body Inhabited

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The body is the origin and the medium that allows us to perceive an infinite range of sensations, is the place where our identity lives.
In the exhibition “The Body Inhabited”, the artist explores the inner world in an attempt to establish communion with the world we live in and she asks the following question: What kind of dialogue we generate when we interact with our environment?

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It is through the body that we can be aware of ourselves and our surroundings
Painting becomes a game to explore possible responses where the body is treated almost as an object in which we print our experiences. Cut-out papers, fabric scraps or isolated lines, invite us to reflect on the limits and spaces that we find ourselves in the places we occupy. In the paintings we can perceive traces of the human figure blurring into large patches of color, textures and tones that are reminiscent of the surface of the skin.

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The body thus blends in with the environment until it becomes a kind of body landscape. The body ends up becoming a limitless territory through which Marta Adalid seeks to develop a vision in which the world we inhabit is an extension of our inner house and where we become architects of our living spaces.

Marta Adalid

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