“Her paintings oscillate between figurative representation and abstraction, being characterized by a gestural brushstroke reminiscent of movement and energy.”


Marta Adalid (Madrid, 1994)

Marta Adalid graduated in Fine Arts at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She spent the last year of her degree in Florence thanks to the Erasmus Scholarship. Later she moved to study at the Barcelona Academy of Art where she delves into the classical techniques of drawing and painting.

In addition to teaching at art schools, she has worked as main illustrator for the project Macondo, Memories of the Colombian Conflict in collaboration with photographer Alvaro Ybarra Zavala. This project has been exhibited in of Madrid, Bogota and New York. She has also produced work for the architecture studios Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura and Astet Studio. She has recently worked as the main artist for the feature film La Mitad de Ana directed by Marta Nieto.

In the development of her work, the body has been the main object of study, understanding it as a canvas and a tool to comprehend what it means to be human. Her painting oscillates between figurative representation and abstraction. It is characterized by gestural brushstrokes that are reminiscent of movement and energy, since the action of her own body is involved in the making of the works.


Intensive Drawing Program

  • 2016-2018  Barcelona Academy of Art

Bachelor of Fine Arts

  • 2015-2016 Academia di Belle Arti, Florence. Erasmus Scholarship
  • 2012-2016  Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Complementary Training

  • 2019 Intensive engraving course, Taller El Visor, 6 days – Barcelona    
  • 2016  Portrait sculpture workshop with Thor Larsen and Marusia Nita,  10 days – Florence
  • 2013 Drawing and painting with life model, Circle of Fine Arts 15 months – Madrid
  •  2013 Painting Course, Taller del Prado, 5 months – Madrid
  • 2012 Academic drawing course, Academia Artium Peña, 4 months – Madrid
  • 2015 Animation workshop with Manuel Sirgo – Madrid
  • 2014 Painting workshop with  Eduardo Naranjo, Galería Roja, 4 days – Sevilla. 
  • 2013  Photoshop seminar with Mónica Aranegui, 3 days – Madrid

Work Experience

  • 2023 Artistic advisor, drawing coach for character interpretation and main artist for the feature film “La Mitad de Ana” directed by Marta Nieto – Madrid
  • 2023 Collaboration with Astet Studio for the development of three artistic pieces for the Masia Mas d’en Bruno – Tarragona
  • 2022 Collaboration with Astet Studio for the incorporation of an artistic piece in the Aethos Ericeria Hotel by Pedra Silva Arquitectos – Lisbon
  • 2021 Colorist for Ricardo Bofill Architecture Workshop, in the development of an artistic model for an architectural project, 1 month – Barcelona 2021 Colourist for Ricardo Bofill’s studio, 1 month – Barcelona
  • 2019-2021  Drawing and Painting teacher at Academia Taure – Barcelona
  • 2020  Teacher in Natural Drawing workshops for VermutApp – Barcelona
  • 2018-2019  Drawing and painting teacher for adults at Taller de Arte la Enredadera – Madrid 
  • 2019  Teacher of monographic natural drawing course at Taller de Arte la Enredadera, 25 y 26 May 19 – Madrid 
  • 2018-2019 Private teacher of drawing and painting for kids and adults – Madrid
  • 2019  Resident artist at PROA. Contemporary Creation Space, Apr 19 – Jun 19 – Madrid 
  • Poster design for “Desarraigo”, Esart’s stage project. School of Performing Arts and Musical Production – Barcelona.
  • Logo design for Alvaro Ybarra Zavala Foundation
  • Main graphic illustrator for the book Macondo, Memorias del conflicto colombiano with the photographer Álvaro Ybarra Zavala
  • Collaboration with Debajo del Sombrero Association at Espacio Fuencarral, 3 days – Madrid
  • Member of the artistic collective Area “Residencia en la Trasera de extensión universitaria” , Universidad Complutense of Madrid
  • Portrait model for artists



    • 2023 “El Cuerpo Habitado”, Espacio Cruz Bajo – Madrid
    • 2022 “THE Shape and the Impulse”, Galería Sara Caso – Madrid
    • 2021 “The Sea and the Self”, Desemparat Studio – Barcelona


    • 2023 “Viaje”, Galería Ola – Barcelona
    • 2023 “Olas Rugientes”, Galería Reku Art – Madrid
    • 2023 “Último Tango”, Casa DosManos, es- pacio de arte y literatura – Barcelona
    • 2020 Collective exhibition, Espacio Cruz Bajo – Madrid
    • 2019 Open Studio, Espacio Proa – Madrid
    • 2019 Exhibition and Art Festival Misnoma, Mutuo Centro de Arte – Barcelona
    • 2018 Exhibition and Art Festival Misnoma, Mau Mau – Barcelona
    • 2017 “Macondo. Memorias del conflicto colombiano”:
    • 2017 “Macondo. Memorias del conflicto colombiano”:
      • Centro de Memoria Paz y Reconciliación – Bogotá , Colombia
      • Efti, Centro Internacional de Fotografía y Cine – Madrid
      • Gallatin Galleries – Nueva York
    • 2015 “Cuerpo y Poder”, Pasaje Fuencarral 77 –Madrid
    • 2015 El Olivar, Universidad Complutense de Madrid – Madrid

    Marta Adalid

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