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If we ask ourselves about our existence, the only tangible thing we can turn to is the body, as an entity that sticks us to this world  in an almost forced way. The body is increasingly valued as a tool of knowledge. It allows us to perceive the environment, feel it and think about it.

The limits that separate the inner world and the outer world are getting  blurred, in such a way that our presence is determined by our self-knowledge and our corporeal emotions.

“The body, like architecture, allows us to inhabit a space, relate physically and psychologically with the environment, and build an identity. The body as the unit through which we experience and relate to space, the agent that allows us to mediate between the material and the tangible.

Laura Barros, Inhabit. The body as a place.

If we think about how we relate to space, it is natural for us to think about how we relate to people. In a society in which changes occur at such a speed, creating solid links becomes a challenge. We stopped talking about relationships to talk about connections.

It is logical to think that by establishing links on shaky ground, the integrity of our identity may be affected. It is also influenced by today’s urgent need to live new experiences. As quoted by the sociologist Byung Chul Han, “Love faces unlimited freedom of choice.”

Marta Adalid

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